Socially-led service designer based in Cologne. Currently exploring future forecasting, community empowerment and sustainability.

Sound interesting? Feel free to get in touch or check out my projects to see what I'm up to.


My journey through the Master of European Design programme has involved collaborating internationally and discovering the language, rituals and perspectives of four European countries; the UK, Germany, Finland and Italy. This has allowed me to cultivate an intercultural design philosophy.



I develop holistic solutions to complex problems through cultural insight, ethnographic research and co-creation. Sustainable practice and storytelling are key components of my methodology. Currently, I am exploring how design for policy, open source and systems thinking can be combined in my final Master year.


My insight into different methods and cultures enables me to reframe issues from multiple points of view. I am able envisage new connections and engage with a systemic understanding of design problems. I am challenging and refining my philosophy through collaborations this year in my Master. Get in touch if you are interested in collaborating!